You can reach our sales department under the following address:


Strobl Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG
Boschring 3
91161 Hilpoltstein
Tel.: +49-(0)9174-97708-0
Fax.: +49-(0)9174-97708-10

Field office northern germany:

Strobl Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG
Vertrieb Norddeutschland
Heckberg 4
24623 Großenaspe
Tel.: +49-(0)9174-97708-181
Mobil: +49-(0)170-1125846

Our team will help you with any questions about our products or any other pump you need for your project. For a personal contact with our customers and to better understand their problems, our sales team has periodical tours through Germany and our European neighbours.

Besides our own sales team we have relationships to different companies spread
over the world, which are selling our products and helping our customers in any
service reasons.

Agencies / Sales partners:

  • Belgium/Luxemburg: Speck Pompen België NV, Bierweg 24,
    9880 Aalter, Belgium
  • Netherlands: Speck Pompen Nederland B.V., Stationspoort 10,
    6902 KG Zevenaar, Netherlands
  • Norway: Delta-p, Jongsåsveien 3,
    1338 Sandvika, Norway