We are your partner in transporting any liquid from one place to another. We offer a wide range of pumps for different applications and also complete systems, optimized to your needs. With this strategy we are able to deliver pumps, valves and every other needed part to our customers. This strategy also helps our customers to realize their projects in an inexpensive way and handling conservative with resources. If we can find any potential for optimizing your systems we help developing a specialized product fitting your needs.

Since our founding in 2006 we have extented and optimized permanently our production program and can therefore offer to our partners the possibilities to achieve their needs. Despite our short history, we are able to profit from more than 50 years of experience in building pumps and systems. This is possible through our experienced personnel, which takes the main part in our philosophy. Only with our motivated personnel we are able to take care of new developments and help our customers realizing their projects.

To meet our own and the quality requirements of our customers, we have implemented documentation standards for all production and development steps at a very early stage. This culminated in the fact that we have been certified since 2012 according to ISO 9001 and our customers can rely on such a consistent Quality.


Our pumps are manufactured exclusively at our headquarter in Hilpoltstein. Hilpoltstein is located about 35 km south of Nuremberg. Our high speed of developing of our product series led to a higher demand for production capacity. We have therefore moved into our new building in 2010. This offers us now the opportunity to test all pumps on a modern test bed and to carry out witnessed tests with the customers.