February 11 2019

Sewage pumps AWP – Redevelopment sewage treatment plant Thalmässing – Community of Thalmässing – County of Roth

We have been awarded the contract for the redevelopment of the municipal sewage treatment plant Thalmässing. The return sludge pumps as well as the excess sludge pumps at the sewage treatment plant will be renewed. Our sewage pumps AWP-F 80-200 & 100-200 with electric motors of 4 kW to 11 kW will be supplied. The electric motors are equipped with integrated frequency drives in order to achieve an accurate adjustment of the sewage quantities. Along with the delivery of the new sewage pumps, the control of the sewage wastewater treatment plant and pipeline construction will also be redeveloped. The new sewage pumps will be delivered and commissioned in Mai/June 2019.

We are pleased to be able to carry out the redevelopment of the municipal wastewater treatment plant together with the the community of Thalmässing.


M. Grella

Hilpoltstein, 11.02.2019