December 10 2021

Inline pumps ready for shipment

In the past weeks we finished pumps for a more traditional application in the field of plant construction.

The pumps are used in a process on an offshore machine for the recirculation of process waters.
As the module will be in sea atmosphere, we decided together with the customer to use duplex steel material for best corrosion resistance. This was implemented consequently for all metal parts in and at the pump. Our INPL-B 50-50-250 is used for process water with a temperature of 64°C. For ideal surveillance of the process, the pump already has an adapter for a temperature sensor within its casing. That way the corresponding necessaire surveillance is already done in the pump and not, as often practised, within the piping. A further specialty of the pump is the oil lubricated bearing. This guarantees an ideal service live and is also possible at Strobl Pumpen for vertical pumps. A base frame in back-pull-out-construction and a seal panel to plan 53B complete these pumps and help reducing the maintenance level.
We thank our partner Delta-p and the engineering office Wood for the smooth processing of this order for the final customer Equinor.