August 04 2016

New energy for Guangopolo in Equador

As part of an intensive cooperation with international engineering group MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in Augsburg we have supplied several vertical sewage sump pumps AWPVZ 25-125 with electric motors made by SIEMENS. The pumps are used as sewage pumps in the new power plant ” Guangopolo II ” to treat collected rainwater and wastewater as well as leakage of fuels and lubricating oils non-polluting and secured into a further processing and disposal. Company MAN Diesel & Turbo SE has delivered six large diesel engines with power generator to this project. Required was also an additional supplier audit by company MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in Augsburg for our company. We have passed this extensive audit successfully and now we are very proud to be recommended system supplier to company MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in Augsburg.