April 07 2020

Njord B – Pumps ready for shipment

After successful technical approval at Strobl Pumpen, two further pumps for the reconstruction of the storage and offloading vessel are now ready for shipment.

Our sump pumps ETP 25-100 with a length of 2.5 m are pumps for the emergency overflow tanks. To guarantee the best protection on the vessel, our pumps are separated by the mounting plate into different zones of explosion protection. Thus, the motor could be placed in a zone with less strong explosion protection requirements.

We are pleased that we could implement these pumps together with our partner Delta-p and Aibel AS for Equinor successfully. Additional to the already supplied pumps with 25 m length, for the Njord Bravo project, we again showed with these pumps that we always look for the best solution together with our clients.