March 02 2022

Process pumps – standard and special

In the last weeks we have successfully finished four process pumps for dispatch. Our CPP 40-25-250 from Duplex steel are in this case made to API 685. In addition, these pumps are characterised by their sealless execution with a magnetic coupling, due to the temperature of medium and the use in an explosionproof area. The temperature of the can of the magnetic coupling is permanently surveyed by a sensor, to guarantee the best possible security. A main factor in this order were special screws. For the two pumps that run in the hotter medium, special screws in an incoloy material have been selected. This choice has been made to keep up with the combination from hot medium, cold seawater surrounding and therefore occurring condensates. The pumps that have been made with this material of screws are in addition not painted but passivated on the surface. The two other pumps have in opposite screws made from stainless steel. The difference in temperature between medium and surrounding is smaller in this case, which leads to a reduced occurrence of condensate. These pumps are being supplied unpainted, as there is hardly any corrosion to expect.

The pumps are fitted into the expansion of a natural gas plant at the Norwegian west coast. The plant is being run by the Norwegian group Equinor. This project, we again realised together with our partner Delta-p and the engineering office Wood.