July 06 2016

Rapid advancement of company Strobl Pumpen

Just in time for the 10th anniversary , there is the first major award by Chamber of Commerce IHK, Nuremberg

Hilpoltstein (HK) From the basement through the garage and into Boschring, Hilpoltstein: It started when Hilpoltsteiner company Strobl Pumpen, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, with a client´s order over 400 nos. of pumps for concrete trucks – without having a finished product. A major project – only two years after the contract for the concrete trucks – was then the ultimate challenge: Special pumps for a steel mill in Sweden.

Now, 10 years after establishment and rapid development of the company handed Karl Scheuerlein of entrepreneur factory, Roth for this extraordinary development a certificate by Chamber of Commerce IHK, Nuremberg.

Robert Strobl founded the company on 1st of July 2006 and launched in 12 sqm basement, then the company moved into the garage and 2010, the present site of production and management in the industrial area “Am Kränzleinsberg” built. Today the company employs 7 staff and lives of the local connection. Just in time for the 10th anniversary of a new production hall was built in a record time of only four months and inaugurated with a small ceremony.

“What is special about your business?” asked Mr. Karl Scheuerlein of the entrepreneur factory, as he handed over the certificate of the IHK Nuremberg, on behalf of the entrepreneur factory Roth. The simple answer: “We have specialized in sewage pumps and special special aggregates that are too expensive for large pump manufacturers and do not fit into their production lines. We design, develop, simulate with advanced CAD/CAM systems and manufacture the pumps here in our factory. For that we have built strong partners from this region. I only work with professionals who know their job and know what requires a sophisticated pump, says Robert Strobl.

District administrator Mr. Herbert Eckstein praised in his speech the achievements of the company. In particular, he expressed his joy expressed that at the company Strobl Pumpen the succession by his son Christoph is well dissolved. This is very significant and important.


Reference: Hilpoltsteiner Kurier 1st of July 2016