May 14 2021

Why use sliding bearings made from silicon carbide?

Sliding bearings out of silicon carbide (SiC) characterise themselves by many positive attributes.

Pumps that are often used for conveying of aggressive mediums, e. g. in procedural units or at tank drain, have less wear and tear and therefore less breakdowns in the bearings, when sliding bearings made from silicon carbide are used.

In many cases the existing process mediums are used for lubrication of sliding bearings. These mediums are often aggressive acids or lye in high temperatures. With their high resistance, bearings made from silicon carbide can cope with this exposure smoothly.

A major advantage of the ceramic material is its high hardness, compared to other materials used for sliding bearings. In addition, silicon carbide scores with great corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. With these attributes space saving constructions and a long and low-maintenance durability can be realised.

Main advantages of using SiC-bearings:
– Good corrosion resistance in almost all mediums
– High hardness at low weight
– Possibility of space saving, modern constructions
– Good temperature resistivity and thermal conductivity
– Reduced maintenance load and reduced shut down periods

With the above-mentioned advantages, the sliding bearings can be used in a lot of our pumps. Main application of these bearings are currently our vertical and submersible pumps, however for other series, we regularly trust the good attributes of sliding bearings made from silicon carbide.