August 16 2021

What does a 20 MW PEM-elctrolyser require to produce green hydrogen?

Chemical standard pumps from Strobl Pumpen!

The 20 MW PEM-electrolyser that is currently being build in Spain by Nel for Iberdrola, will be the biggest electrolyser for green hydrogen in Europe for now. Together with our partner DeltaP and the service company Aibel we therefor supply three chemical standard pumps CNPL to Spain this week. The pumps are used for feed of the electrolyser with ultrapure, deionised water. To perfectly fulfil this application, we decided to utilise impeller and casing parts in electropolished execution. In addition, the pump design was adjusted for this project, similar to our hygienic pumps, to not gain any dead spots and to guarantee a complete drainage of the pump. Therefore, a pollution of the ultrapure water by residues in the pump can be avoided. This guarantees an excellent operation of the electrolyser. We are pleased to support clean and sustainable production of energy with these pumps and with this to provide our contribution to the energy revolution.