January 04 2021

We go even greener

With joining the Umweltpakt Bayern, we did not stop. Starting from 1.1. we get our energy from 100 % renewable sources.

We already joined the Umweltpakt Bayern in 2019, to do as much as possible for our environment. These efforts were kept by us in 2020. Besides some small, internal projects, such as the enlargement of our electronic vehicle fleet, we now generate our newest, big success. We will switch to energy from 100 % regional and renewable sources. Our energy will, from now on, be a mixture from several power plants in our region. The biggest part of this mixture will be wind and solar energy, the remaining approx. 27 % will be covered by biomass, biogas, and waterpower.
We are proud of being able to save CO2 emissions that way and to be able to help making our planet a little greener.