January 05 2022

Success at TOP 100: Ranga Yogeshwar dignifies Strobl Pumpen

Überlingen – Ranga Yogeshwar has congratulated Strobl Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG at the end of November for their success in the innovation competition TOP 100 with a personal video. In addition, the science journalist valued the performance of this years top 100 companies at a mutual online conference. Reason for this was the originally as presence event planned finale of Top 100. Ranga Yogeshwar is the mentor of this 28th innovation competition. In a scientific selection impressed Strobl Pumpen in the size A (up to 50 co-workers) especially in the category “innovation climate”.

The TOP 100 portrait, that was published due to the award, states (abstract):

Whether vehicle, washing machine or oil platform: Centrifugal pumps convey liquids with a rotating impeller, regardless of the use. This principle has been developed a long time ago and the industry is embossed by traditional manufacturers. In this surrounding the top innovator founded in only 2006 appears as a start-up.

Christoph Strobl who founded the company together with his father and still leads it today says: “Our staff should ask why we do something in a certain way always and whether it is not possible in any better way.” To try this the team receives the required resources, e.g., a 3D-printer. To keep the start-up spirit the persons responsible support team feeling. Premiums based on profit are paid to everybody in the same height, as each employee contributes to the success. Management, sales, and development set the strategic limits by defining promising industries such as regenerative energy. For example, fiddle umpteen employees then together about how existing pumps from the oil industry can be adapted to requirements in wind parks.

For the complete portrait, please check: Strobl Pumpen