August 26 2021

Get the plastic out of the sea!

With our CNPL 15-15-125

How does a new product originate from plastic waste? Through consequent recycling! A new sustainable application for our pumps is in the recycling of plastic waste coming from the sea. The process of Quantafuel starts with simple plastic waste that is being pyrolyzed. The resulting oil is cleaned afterwards and mixed with a catalysator. With this process new raw material for fuels or plastic products of all kinds results! Our pumps have their purpose in pyrolysis, where they are used for conveying of the very hot oil. Currently the required flows are still low, therefore, we have enlarged our series of chemical standard pumps to ISO 2858 with smaller pumps and have designed the new size 15-15-125. The medium temperature forms specific challenges for the shaft seal. Thus, we decided to use a metal bellow seal. This seal has, besides the high resistance for temperatures, the advantage that it is self-cleaning. Our two pumps that are used at the Danish location, were projected by us together with our Norwegian partner Delta-P.