May 25 2022

Pumps for recycling industry

In recycling there are lots of possible applications for pumps. We now have again supplied two pumps from our series of chemical standard pumps. These pumps are however smaller than the smallest pumps described in the norm. Two of our CNPN 20-20-125 from stainless steel left this week to work in a recycling application. These two pumps are an enlargement of the pumps mentioned in ISO 2858 or ASME B73.1. Therefore, they offer high efficiency besides little use of space.
The two pumps will be used in regaining raw materials from used tyres. Our pumps will, in future, pump oil, that is reused as base material in the chemical industry. The oil originates in a thermolysis process with which the old tyres are separated into single reusable components. Due to the high temperatures of the condensate oil the pumps have been equipped with magnet couplings for sealing. That way it is secured that no hot oil can leak. The complete machines are concepted that they work self-sufficient with energy. That means the electricity, that the motors of our pumps use, is as well coming from the process of recycling. We are happy to have our pumps in such machines, that stand for a resource saving handling of our environment.