August 11 2022

Multistage pumps ready for use

We have managed to construct special pumps for a new project again. The three multi-stage centrifugal pumps have left for Malaysia past week.The pumps that will in future be used offshore north of Malaysia, do not only win over with their interesting colouring, specified by the client. The pumps that shall be used for a hot liquid that will be injected into a process with high pressure. Therefore, the pumps are suitable for pressures up to 150 bar to cope with the high system pressure. To have the best possible security in such case, these pumps were executed to API 685 so with seal less pumps. The pumps have been equipped with magnetic couplings for sealing, as magnetic couplings have the advantage that with correct selection, medium temperature does not affect the couplings. That way any leakage of medium is impossible.
In addition the pumps have been executed with a double casing, to avoid any issues with pressure at the pump casing itself. Secondary the pumps have been manufactured in material stainless steel completely. The material is characterised by its high resistance to the medium.
We are happy to have processed this order together with our Malayan partner Teraju Petroleum for the engineering service MMHE and the final client SapuraOMV.